Ankle Pain

It was the day before my long-awaited vacation to Cancun. And I felt that my right Achilles tendon was swelling and when I looked it was swollen and red. It was twice the size of my left one. I don’t recall injuring my right ankle. I did not twist it, didn’t step in and I didn’t step wrong but what I noticed was as the day was going forward I did notice that my right ankle started to hurt almost like I had sprained it. By the time I got home that evening my ankle was completely swollen and painful. I had to go to the store and buy a cane because there was no way I was going to be able to walk at the airport or on my vacation with the way my ankle felt. So that night I took a anti-inflammatory hoping that the swelling would diminish and reduce my ankle pain. However when I woke up next morning my ankle felt the same. So went to the airport with my cane in pain hobbling and struggling with my luggage thank God it was only carry-on. So here I am waiting for a flight with my ankle still filling pretty painful. So while sitting at the airport I’m thinking about what happened to my ankle and what caused it to swell then I realized it had been the shoes that I was wearing that day. The day before my ankle did not bother me I worked out with no problems but as I thought back the shoes I was wearing the day before my trip must not have been supporting my arch. So even though my ankle hurt and was swollen I reached down and put pressure on the arch my foot I had a feeling that it would be painful and it was. Now I knew why my Achilles tendon and my ankle were so swollen. Since the shoes that I was wearing did not support my arch every time I would step my arch (inversion) would drop as I walked and cause irritation to my Achilles tendon and caused my ankle to swell. We got to our destination the next morning I administered some self-help techniques for inflammation and pain for my ankle, I used the lymphatic reflex massage points and Meridian tracing to alleviate the Achilles tendon and the flexor hellucis longus by reducing the swelling and pain. I also went to the pool and spent about an hour walking and rotating my foot in the water. After I got all the pool my ankle felt somewhat better then I walked over to the beach. Walking on the sand in the water and allowing the saltwater to do what it does and it

helped me tremendously. After getting out of the water I still had to use my cane but I did feel better. So I walked around sightseeing still using my cane but at least I was not as much pain. I did the same action for two days on the third day I went on a bike ride. Let me tell you a bike ride did wonders. We went on a 5 mile trek, as I was pedaling I was not rotating my ankle the way you’d normally would on a bike ride. After about 10 minutes into the ride I felt my ankle starting to rotate it felt great. We stopped in a small town to sightsee. I had brought my cane with me so I could use it but by the time we got to the town I was able to walk with very little use of my cane. After we did some walking around and shopping we got back on our bikes and rode back to the resort. I got off my bike and the swelling and on ankle had diminished dramatically and the Achilles pain was much less.. That was the last day that I had to use the cane. It only took three days for me to see great results. In this book I will show you some self help techniques that work and I will show you how to administer this to others. You might not access to pool or be near the beach, maybe you don’t even have a bike. Usually a ankle injury can take anywhere from four to eight weeks. Following my instructions can reduce your down time in half. When I use my therapy on others they are back in the game within two weeks. Whether they’re an athlete or not. I have used this method thousands of times in my 28 years of practice.

Shin Splints

Shin Splints you can’t live with them but you can live without them. I’ve been working with athletes from Novice, Elite, and Olympian to Professional from all over the world since 1987. I’ve come to learn that Shin Splints do not discriminate. They can appear on athletes of all ages and sizes. Experienced or novice. Whether you participate in Track and Field, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or virtually any sport that involves running or jumping, quick start and stops there is a chance shin splints will appear. Weight gain this can also be a factor. Shin Splints are the common name given to lower leg pain between the knee and ankle. Sometimes on the outer lower leg (tibialis anterior) but mostly inside the lower leg and can travel down from the knee to just above the ankle. Other causes could be if you’re a beginner in a running program with advanced training, flat feet (pronation) inner part of your foot rolls inward, weak arches, high impact activities, running or playing sports on hard surfaces and wearing the improper footwear for your sport, worn out shoes, shoes that don’t have the support that you need. Shin splints can be remedied. There are exercises that strengthen the lower leg muscles and arches. I have found that the exercises work best once I have balanced the weaknesses and reduced or eliminated the pain. Custom made orthotics which help support your arches and stabilize hips and spine. This type of orthotics is very important since your low back and hips can pay the price for weak lower leg and feet. Then we have Body Pattern Synchronization Therapy, a technique that I developed years ago no guessing involved. The results are instantaneous. I test the feet, lower leg muscles, hips and low back. In this evaluation I’ll know what the problem is and where your weakness is coming from to get you back on the right track. Many athletes go back to their normal activities the next day or soon thereafter.

Low Back, Sciatic Pain and Disc Problems

Low Back, Sciatic Pain and Disc Problems

Instantaneous Results!

Once the Sciatic nerve has been irritated the symptoms can range from numbness, tingling, soreness, throbbing and sharp or sharp shooting pains from the buttocks down the leg to the foot. Most patients describe this as one of the worst pains they have ever felt.

Since the nerve runs through and under some deep muscles in the low back and hips, it is easy to understand when the sciatic nerve is irritated it can produce severe stiffness and pain in the regions of the low back, hips, and buttocks. This guarding mechanism helps protect the body from receiving more discomfort and pain. Low back pain is not much different minus the sharp shooting pain. Disc problems like what many can experience in a motor accident can put pressure on the nerves and cause excruciating pain.

Unfortunately regardless of which problem you may experience the body can get to a point of over guarding and over protecting well after the condition has subsided. This puts stress on body parts and muscle groups that are otherwise not constantly active. This can cause swelling in the same region that was originally irritated causing more problems and pain. This is one reason why people don’t seem to get better or have a relapse when they thought the problem had been resolved.

This is where I have the solution to low back, sciatic and disc issues. Most seem to work on the area of pain or discomfort. In other words they address the symptom and not the root cause of the problem. Some of the causes might be Physical (another area of the body being the cause) Nutritional, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, or Spiritual. The symptom is not the root cause it is only the area of pain.

When you have an injury many times it can be because you had a weakness or imbalance somewhere else in the body and did not realize it. You see all muscles work in a synchronized pattern when on muscle or tendon is out of balance it can cause a chain reaction and you can actually have an injury in another location of the body. This is why sometimes it can take so long to respond because the symptom is being treated and not the root cause. At the Deep Tissue Center we specialize in deep tissue therapy, stretching, advanced sports kinesiology and energetics. It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from low back, sciatic pain or disc problems, I have come up with a method to trouble shoot the problem and find out what is the root cause. No guessing involved. When I do find it I’ll know and you’ll know. With that I can show you the solution to your problem. With my method I use four natural techniques I can use all or one to resolve your issue with instantaneous results. You will leave on your first visit much better than when you walked in.