A nice entry

I came into Danny Varela’s office after two months of being confined most of the time to a recliner (except when I was teaching which I was forced to do standing up most of the time because the pain was so great when I sat down on a regular chair). I did not want to retire, but I was wondering if it would be necessary because of the terrible osteoarthritis in my knee and hip. And the physical therapy offered by my health insurance was not helping me at all.

Luckily, a friend and a medical practitioner recommended Danny Varela so strongly that I decided to drive an hour to his office to see if he could help, although I had been avoiding driving as much as possible for the last few months.
After this very first visit, I drove home and stopped at Victoria Gardens and visited several stores. I couldn’t stop looking at my reflection in the store windows. Here I was, walking almost normally and without my cane! I hadn’t been able to go to a shopping center for months and now I was out in the world and part of it again.

I’ve been back to see Danny and am now almost back to my pre-osteoarthritis self. I know this is a continuing condition so I’ll need to continue with my exercises and occasional visits to Danny. However, I believe that this will be, as Danny said, a bump on the road and not the end of an active life, as I had feared.

What else can I say, except that, for me, Danny has been a Godsend

Carol Williams Kisch

On Line Skype Session

Here is a testimony using Skype from the East coast.
Dr. Danny Varela and his approach solving shin splints seemed too good to be true but i tried it, and it was the best decision I made for my shins and my body. I was amazed how well it worked and even working with Danny through Skype since I live on the east coast. There is nothing deceiving about Danny’s work, it only has amazing results and I wish I had done this earlier!
-Harrison, CT”