Shin Splints

Shin Splints you can’t live with them but you can live without them. I’ve been working with athletes from Novice, Elite, and Olympian to Professional from all over the world since 1987. I’ve come to learn that Shin Splints do not discriminate. They can appear on athletes of all ages and sizes. Experienced or novice. Whether you participate in Track and Field, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or virtually any sport that involves running or jumping, quick start and stops there is a chance shin splints will appear. Weight gain this can also be a factor. Shin Splints are the common name given to lower leg pain between the knee and ankle. Sometimes on the outer lower leg (tibialis anterior) but mostly inside the lower leg and can travel down from the knee to just above the ankle. Other causes could be if you’re a beginner in a running program with advanced training, flat feet (pronation) inner part of your foot rolls inward, weak arches, high impact activities, running or playing sports on hard surfaces and wearing the improper footwear for your sport, worn out shoes, shoes that don’t have the support that you need. Shin splints can be remedied. There are exercises that strengthen the lower leg muscles and arches. I have found that the exercises work best once I have balanced the weaknesses and reduced or eliminated the pain. Custom made orthotics which help support your arches and stabilize hips and spine. This type of orthotics is very important since your low back and hips can pay the price for weak lower leg and feet. Then we have Body Pattern Synchronization Therapy, a technique that I developed years ago no guessing involved. The results are instantaneous. I test the feet, lower leg muscles, hips and low back. In this evaluation I’ll know what the problem is and where your weakness is coming from to get you back on the right track. Many athletes go back to their normal activities the next day or soon thereafter.

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