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Founded because of necessity…

A growing list of people are living in constant pain that they have just gotten accustomed to without any significant direction or detail to correct or eliminate the root cause.

Here is where Deep Tissue Center thrives…we identify the root cause and implement solutions that bring healing, wholeness, balance and joy back into your life.

Here to stay…

Daniel Varela founded the Deep Tissue Center as an alternative health clinic in February of 1992. and for almost 30 years, DTC continues to improve the lives of those they treat and heal with professionalism, courtesy and compassion.

A brief History

  • 1987


    The Beginning

    Danny Varela begins treating athletes and non-athletes

  • 1992


    Daniel Varela founded the Deep Tissue Center as an alternative health clinic in February of 1992.



  • 1995


    First Accreditations

    Certified | November 1995 | The Kinesiology Institute

    • Massage Practitioner
    • Myofascial Release
    • Related coursework: Structural balancing, holistic procedures and anatomy
  • 2004

    Olympic Medical Staff

    In Athens, Greece, he was a part of the Olympic Medical Staff



  • 2005


    USA National Track & Field

    USA National Track and Field Championships

  • 2012

    MND & Natural Health Science

    Missionary natural doctor | August 2012 | Institute of Integrative & Natural Health Science

    • Natural Health
    • Advanced Physical Assessment
    • Basics of health and disease processes and natural interventions


  • 2015


    Expanding locations

    Deep Tissue Center opens up additional satellite locations in Whittier, CA.

  • 2018

    Opens up Shin Splints Solutions

    Shin Splints Solutions continues to be a premier sports clinic in the Orange County-Los Angeles areas. Continually adding to the technology of health and wellness it remains on the cutting edge of alternative health care.



  • 2019



    Specializing in Deep Tissue manipulation and Applied Kinesiology Dr. Danny Varela developed a unique treatment technique which is now called

    Body Pattern Synchronization Therapy

  • Currently

    Body Pattern Energetic Healing

    Body Pattern Energetic Healing is the most profound amazing technique in treatment. Dr. Danny Varela can energetically test your organs, glands and muscles and find out which emotion is involved for your optimal results.



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