That is all I can say after visiting Dr. Varela at the Deep Tissue Center. The speed and efficiency of his therapy is second to none.
Over the weekend I fell 8 feet down onto hard concrete. Although my creator managed to keep from seriously damaging my body more than the one suffered after the fall the pain experienced as a consequence I would not wish it on my worst enemy. After all was said and done only three vertebrates suffered serious damage, according to the doctors and tests at the hospital. However, I was still in pain and was unable to walk without a cane to support me. The first person I wanted to see was Danny because I knew his perspective may reveal other corporal damages that medical doctors may have missed. I also did not want to take the pain medicine after reading the side effects and decided to try the natural approach first before exposing my body to more internal stress.
I walked in taking dragging steps with my torso brace on and my cane to help support my stride. I couldn’t take deep breaths and hurt to talk almost. My rib cage hurt when I walked and I had knee and ankle pain. After giving Danny my prognosis he quickly went to work and sure enough found other problems in my body due to the fall. I don’t know where he gets his “powers” but within half an hour my pain was greatly reduced, I could take deep breaths, I felt my leg had strengthened to the point that I could walk without using my cane, and overall I felt more upright. When I had arrived I was not able to lay down face up or down but after Danny’s treatment I was able to lay down with less pain. The pain to my rib cage had also greatly reduced enabling me walk more comfortably.
I can’t say enough about Danny and his ability to dramatically reduce and even make most pain go away but I would not trust anyone else to treat injuries such as the one I suffered to my temple, aka my body. I may sound like someone that may be overexagerrating but when you see the results you too will be describing the effect as something bordering miraculous and may even be lacking the words to describe the experience.
Thank you
Dr. Danny Varela