Fix Your Feet Balance Your Life

To reduce or eliminate your pain

To many of you this might look or feel familiar. Some of you don’t realize that you look this way. When someone comes into my office with low back and hip pain this is the first thing I evaluate from the feet and up to the shoulders. And most do resemble this unbalanced picture. After seeing this picture you can now notice how you might have low back and hip pain or discomfort. In other words when your body is in this position you are starting from an out of balance position and can easily cause pain or a strain. So when seeking help for back pain relief most places will assess your back because that is where you feel the pain right? So now you are receiving therapy where you are hurting and the location of your symptom. As you may notice your back pain is only part of the problem even if you are experiencing pain traveling down you leg. I have found years ago that by correcting you from the feet up that you can receive instant relief or pain elimination, increase range of motion, flexibility, balance and more strength. Even for those of you that have been this way for many years. So if you are suffering with low back pain, hip joint pain, Sciatic nerve pain symptoms or functional leg length inequality (short leg) this is for you.  With my method there is no guessing and I can discover what your weaknesses are starting with your feet and strengthening you to bring you back to balance. You can walk out with much less pain or no pain at all. You will also receive stretches and strengthening exercises so you can get back enjoying what you love doing. Stop living in pain now. Make you appointment today!